28 febbraio 2018 Radioterapia

First clinic now live with RayCare

RaySearch recently announced the first clinical release of RayCare*, the next-generation oncology information system (OIS). The company is proud to announce that Iridium Cancer Network in Belgium has now started using RayCare 1 clinically to manage its treatment planning workflows, just two months after the clinical release of the system. Iridium is a pioneering clinic that has made a strong contribution to the development of RayCare, particularly with regard to features that will support coordinated activities between different institutions.

The aim with RayCare is to create an innovative OIS that will support comprehensive cancer care. RayCare will eventually provide one workflow to connect all the oncology disciplines, enabling users to coordinate tasks fluidly and ensure optimal use of resources. Key features of RayCare 1 include task-management support for oncology workflows and an integrated planning experience in combination with RayStation 7*. Integrated communication and documentation functions are designed to ensure efficient handovers between professionals.

Piet Dirix, MD, PhD, radiation oncologist at Iridium Cancer Network, says: “Our core mission is to contribute to an innovating radiotherapy center for integrated care. RayCare is essential to that mission, since this new OIS is designed to provide comprehensive cancer care in an extremely safe and efficient way, while fully involving patients in their treatment. The collaboration between RaySearch, Iridium and other hospitals throughout the world in developing this system has resulted in an OIS that is highly customizable. RayCare was tailored to our specific needs right from the start.”

Eeva-Liisa Karjalainen, RayCare Project Manager, says: “RayCare will enable Iridium to use resources more efficiently and free up time for patient care. The workflows are tailored to Iridium’s processes, which makes it possible to automate time-consuming manual steps such as data import/export, task handovers and image management. This supports optimal care for each individual while reducing the burden of clinical documentation.”

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “It is a dream come true to see this first clinical adoption of RayCare. The system has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of diverse cancer centers to enable them to give the best possible treatment to their cancer patients. It is unique in supporting integrated workflows based on each patient’s need. RayCare is a truly collaborative effort made possible by the clinical expertise and high engagement of Iridium and our other clinical partners.”

About Iridium Cancer Network
The Iridium Cancer Network consists of a close collaboration in radiation oncology, and to a lesser extent medical oncology and hematology, between all 7 hospitals in the Antwerp region (GZA hospital group, ZNA hospital group, UZA, AZ KLINA, AZ Nikolaas, AZ Monica, and AZ St Jozef). There is a single radiation therapy department, which treats around 5 300 patients annually. Consequently, Iridium is by far the largest radiation therapy department in Belgium.


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