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Anderson Regional Cancer Center (ARCC) in Meridian, Mississippi, USA, has placed the first order for RayCare*, a next-generation oncology information system (OIS). RayCare is an innovative system designed to support comprehensive cancer care. It integrates seamlessly with the RayStation treatment planning system, but that’s just the start – RayCare will connect all the oncology disciplines, enabling users to fluidly coordinate tasks and ensure optimal use of resources.

Over subsequent releases, RayCare will evolve into a machine learning OIS with unique capabilities to coordinate oncology tasks, supporting comprehensive cancer care organized around each patient’s needs. Many cancer patients receive a combination of treatment types, driving the need for combined workflows for radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

ARCC decided to map out a future for their clinical workflows that would support advanced technology and data driven decision making. They determined that the best approach would be to move to a new treatment planning system and a new oncology information system that together would support their linacs and TomoTherapy systems, in order to have a unified platform for planning, treatment and assessment.

Paul King, Chief Medical Physicist, says: “We evaluated all the leading systems and were extremely impressed by the possibilities of RayCare. It delivers on everything we were looking for. Getting all of these pieces integrated together will help us tremendously. RaySearch is an innovator with the leading technology in this area and I have great confidence in their ability to meet our needs into the future. We will keep exploring the cutting-edge of technology in order to secure the best possible care for our patients. RayCare will help us achieve this aim.”

Dr. Scott Anderson, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director, says: “We find ourselves in the position that we are at a decision point where we can stay static in a satisfactory status quo, or we can move into what will be the standard in the future. We look forward to working with RaySearch Laboratories to shape the future of longitudinal cancer care. Survivorship and tracking patients long term will be the benchmarks of cancer care moving forward. This new system that is being developed will give us better tools to do so.”

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “I am delighted by this first RayCare order and very excited about helping ARCC achieve an efficient, integrated system for the future. RayCare is fundamentally different compared to other OIS systems, and we have invested a great deal of time and effort into creating something that will truly change the way that cancer is treated. Our goal is to advance cancer treatment with high-performance tools that combine treatment planning, workflow and data management, resource optimization, machine learning and follow-up in an effective way.”

About Anderson Regional Cancer Center
Anderson Regional Cancer Center in Meridian, Mississippi, is a state-of-the-art cancer center equipped to provide innovative treatment for all types of cancer. The center sees about 180 outpatients a day for radiation or chemotherapy treatments and serves a geographical area across East Mississippi and West Alabama.


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