03 novembre 2017 Radioterapia

RayStation selected for CYCLHAD Hadrontherapy Center, France (Archade program)

Following a competitive tender process, RayStation has been chosen as the treatment planning system for the CYCLHAD Hadrontherapy Center, located in Caen, France. The center is due to open in 2018 and will be France’s third clinical proton therapy center.

CYCLHAD will deliver proton therapy treatments via IBA’s ProteusOne compact system, with the first patient treatment scheduled to take place in June. The center is owned, operated and managed by SAS CYCLHAD, and treatment will be conducted by the medical teams of Centre François Baclesse, a comprehensive cancer center located in Caen.

A further phase of expansion is planned for the center, including the installation of the NHa C400 cyclotron system to enable research with carbon ions.

The RayStation purchase includes the modules for pencil beam scanning, adaptive therapy, biology and patient modeling.

Philippe Lagalle, CEO of SAS CYCLHAD, says: “As a pioneering center, we need partners who can deliver when it comes to advanced techniques. RaySearch is a world leader in treatment planning for proton therapy and has proven expertise in supporting IBA systems. RayStation’s power and innovative capabilities will help us to ensure world-class treatment and research. We also plan to evaluate the possibilities of the forthcoming RayCare* oncology information system.”

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “We are proud to support one of France’s first proton centers. Proton therapy is an important focus area for RaySearch. We have a large market share and our success in this area continues to grow. RaySearch has a strong strategic collaboration with IBA, which builds on our joint commitment to taking proton therapy to new levels.”


About the ARCHADE program
ARCHADE (Advanced Resource Centre for Hadrontherapy in Europe) is a collaborative initiative to create a European center dedicated to hadron therapy research, development and clinical treatment. The CYCLHAD Hadrontherapy Center, Located in Caen, France, will carry out multidisciplinary research and treat up to 345 patients per year using proton therapy.


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