Visius Surgical Theatre

sale operatorie con risonanza magnetica mobile

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Visius Surgical Theatre


L'ambiente intraoperatorio IMRIS, mette a disposizione del chirurgo una sala ad alta tecnologia che permette l'ingresso on demand di una RM ad alto campo, per scansioni in sala.

L'utilizzo di un magnete mobile ad alto campo su rotaia a soffitto permette di effettuare scansioni intraoperatorie in totale sicurezza senza spostare mai il paziente né variarne la posizione di scansione rispetto a quella chirurgica.

La soluzione IMRIS permette di massimizzare l'investimento dell'Ospedale fornendo una soluzione integrata costituita da sala diagnostica e sala operatoria volta a sfruttare al massimo la tecnologia acquisita.

Il nuovissimo IMRISnv offre inoltre la possibilità di combinare l'utilizzo di angiografia e risonanza all'interno della medesima sala operatoria

per soluzioni di imaging di altissima qualità.



May 24, 2013
IMRIS announces US patent for microsurgical robot concept
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, 22 May 2013 – IMRIS Inc. (NASDAQ: IMRS; TSX: IM) ("IMRIS" or the “Company”) today announced the allowance of a US patent defining the foundational technologies for its SYMBIS™ Surgical System – a minimally invasive and MRI-compatible microsurgical robot system.
Currently under development at IMRIS, the SYMBIS Surgical System is an image-guided, micro-neurosurgery robot that will combine surgeon-directed robotic arm manipulation with integrated high-definition 3D anatomical and MR imaging views to enable delicate brain micro-surgery.
The system is being designed to work inside an intraoperative MRI within the VISIUS® Surgical Theatre and provide a virtual extension of the surgeon’s hands through robotic instruments with haptic feedback, motion refinement and intricate dexterity for use in the narrow surgical pathways of cranial neurosurgery.
IMRIS CEO David Graves said this patent represents a fundamental advance in microsurgical robotics. “SYMBIS has the potential to increase the consistency and quality of neurosurgery, and when used in conjunction with the advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities of iMRI, may offer improvements in patient outcomes compared to current technological and human limitations,” he said. “We will continue to add to our internally developed and licensed intellectual property portfolio related to intraoperative imaging and robotics.”
The recently allowed US patent – No. 8,396,598 and titled, “Microsurgical Robot System” – is the fifth patent issued related to the SYMBIS microsurgical system technology, method and concept since development of the product began.
IMRIS (NASDAQ: IMRS; TSX: IM) is a global leader in providing image guided therapy solutions through its VISIUS Surgical Theatre – a revolutionary, multifunctional surgical environment that provides unmatched intraoperative vision to clinicians to assist in decision making and enhance precision in treatment. VISIUS Surgical Theatres serve the neurosurgical, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular markets and have been selected by leading medical institutions around the world.



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