RayStation 12A brings deep learning segmentation for all users as well as new features for brachytherapy

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RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) announces the launch of RayStation®* 12A, the latest version of the company’s advanced treatment planning system. Version 12A includes innovative new features in addition to several general enhancements.


Deep learning segmentation for all users
With the release of RayStation 12A, deep learning segmentation is available for everyone that is using RayStation for patient modeling. New and updated segmentation models will be released on a regular basis. The segmentation models can be linked to segmentation templates and protocols and used to tailor fast and automated segmentation for different body sites and diagnoses.

Brachy planning for Elekta afterloaders
RayStation 12A supports brachy planning for Elekta Flexitron afterloaders. The dedicated brachy planning module allows rapid creation of optimal and accurate high-dose rate brachytherapy treatment plans. Automatic tools can be used to efficiently reconstruct the applicator and its channels. With RayStation’s powerful optimization tools, optimal dwell time distributions can be obtained within seconds.

Other highlights of RayStation 12A include robust evaluation on multiple images, new and much faster electron Monte Carlo dose engine, and improvements for CyberKnife planning.

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: “Making deep learning segmentation available to all users will substantially reduce time for contouring of organs and is a good example of our ambition to automate the treatment planning process.”

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