Tecnologie Avanzate T.A. was founded in 1974. Since its establishment, it has introduced on the Italian market innovative medical technologies in the field of nuclear physics and RX diagnostics. It progressively focused on advanced systems such as solid-state dosimetry, nuclear medicine with special detectors and DSP technology and accelerators integrated with imaging.

In the following years the company expanded its range of products opening up to new sectors such as radiotherapy, neurosurgery, radiology and imaging, establishing exclusive partnerships with multinational companies leaders in these sectors and with research centers at the forefront of software development, algorithms and clinical trials.

Today, thanks to its extensive experience in the oncology, neurosurgery, radiation protection and medical physics field, the company has several exclusive distribution contracts in Italy and numerous installations in the main national reference centers.



Tecnologie Avanzate T.A. is part of a group with an annual turnover of about 50.000.000 euro. The headquarter is in Turin and an office dedicated to R&D is located in Udine. The group has more than 65 employees.

We finance about ten scholarships at centers of excellence, we have a capillary network of agents and more than 5000 customers.

Over the last few years, the group has installed more than 1000 radiotherapy and radiological equipment including accelerators, computer networks, densitometers, mammographs and fluoroscopes.


the staff

Guido Catolla Cavalcanti

Patrick Tripodi
Sales Director

Giovanni Rigoli
Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Tomotherapy

Andrea Santucci
Project and Service Manager

Giancarlo Cangialosi
Senior TPS Manager

Beatrice Mazzotta
Dosimetry Sales Specialist

Annamaria Mancuso
Dosimetry & Product Positioning Sales Specialist

Enrico Tedesco
Product Specialist & Clinical Affaires

Alessandro Alparone
TPS Product Specialist

Claudio Vecchi
TPS Application Specialist

Stefania Zara
TPS Application Specialist

Francesco Pascoli
Dosimetry Application Specialist

Cristina Pugliatti
Product Specialist – Med.Physics Expert

Barbara Mongero
Sales Support

Valentina Bar
Bid department

Communication & Events

Alessandro De Carne
Field Service Engineer

Davide Cioppa
Field Service Engineer



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