Research & Development

Tecnologie Avanzate has always paid great attention to the research, development, consolidation and diffusion of new technologies to support the needs of its customers, facing with creativity and expertise the challenges that the market and technological progress offer. This idea is based on experience, ongoing training, curiosity and dynamism.

Collaborations with centers of excellence and investments in national and international research projects allow us to expand our expertise and extend the offered solutions to several fields from radiotherapy and medical physics, to nuclear medicine and radiology.

AI and classification methods

AI e metodi di classificazione

Tecnologie Avanzate considers artificial intelligence (AI) a powerful tool at medical activities’ service. Evidence of this is the constant investment of resources on continuous staff training in this sector and the many collaborations with important research centers for the implementation of very challenging AI projects in the medical and industrial fields.

Automation and evaluation in RT

Automazione e valutazione in RT

Since its establishment, Tecnologie Avanzate has committed to providing the best solutions available on the market and to proposing customized alternatives based on the needs of its customers.

Segmentation and registration

Segmentazione e registrazione

Collaborations with leading research groups in the fields of radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiology have allowed us to develop innovative segmentation and registration tools and algorithms to integrate into our products.

QC and monitoring systems


Following increasingly stringent regulatory requirements regarding safety, increasingly advanced and complex medical devices and activities that require greater coordination and interaction from hospital staff, TA offers various solutions to support its customers in daily activities, guaranteeing the correct application of procedures and requirements.

DICOM viewers

visualizzatori dicom

To provide tools that meet the needs of users in the various hospital departments, Tecnologie Avanzate has developed various applications for the management, display and analysis of images and data from Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

Densitometry projects


Tecnologie Avanzate, also present in the field of bone densitometry, provides support tools to doctors, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons in the evaluation of the bone structure and in the identification of the risk of fracture, to optimize the management of the osteoporotic patient or the planning of an orthopedic surgery.

Publications and theses

Tecnologie Avanzate promotes and supports training and refresher initiatives and makes use of a team dedicated to managing scientific collaborations and supporting the publication of scientific articles.



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