AI and classification methods

AI in mammography

In collaboration with the Politecnico of Turin and some leading breast screening centers, we are developing an automatic system for the early detection of neoplasms, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of making predictions useful to radiologists as decision support during image analysis.


Synthetic CT

In order to improve the daily control of the treatment plan, Tecnologie Avanzate has developed an algorithm based on Deep Learning algorithms capable of synthesizing CT-like images starting from the CBCT treatment of the day.


iTA Mining

iTA Mining is a software designed for data management and classification in clinical research studies to provide support to Artificial Intelligence applications in the medical field.


AI methods for PET images

We are working on a deep learning system for the automatic segmentation of 3D lesions on PET images.


Metrics and radiomics

Tecnologie Avanzate has always had a great interest in the world of Radiomics, a rapidly evolving research field that aims at personalized medicine through a quantitative approach to medical imaging.
As we strongly believe in its potential as a tool to support the clinical decision-making process, it has been our object of study for various applications and research projects.




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