iTA Mining

iTA Mining is a software solution dedicated to the extraction and analysis of quantitative data (data mining) for clinical research studies, developed in order to provide support to Artificial Intelligence applications in the medical field and in the clinical decision-making process.

The platform provides tools and algorithms for the construction of predictive models through an intuitive graphical interface, which allows even the less experienced programming user to carry out data analysis.

iTA Mining is the result of a close collaboration between Tecnologie Avanzate and the software house DataMind and was created with the aim of facilitating the reproducibility of analyses and results through the standardization of the workflow and the sharing of protocols, data and generated models.

The system provides tools dedicated to:

  • Definition of the study protocol;
  • Archive and aggregation of heterogeneous data;
  • Data curation and quality control;
  • Extraction and collection of quantitative data that can be used in machine learning models from images and clinical data;
  • Selection of relevant features using Features Selection methods;
  • Training of classification models;
  • Evaluation of the accuracy of the generated predictive models.

An exclusive feature of iTA Mining is the ability to customize the platform based on the clinical endpoints of the research project (Radiomics, Dosiomics, Prognostic Modeling for Evaluation of Response to Therapy and Patient Stratification) and the study protocol through integration with algorithms and external methods dedicated to the visualization and processing of images and clinical data.




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