Automation and evaluation
in RT

GPS – Guided Planning Solution

GPS is a solution for automatic planning in RayStation developed by Tecnologie Avanzate in collaboration with the Politecnico of Turin and the University of Turin. The system allows the automatization of IMRT, VMAT, TomoTherapy, CyberKnife and Proton Therapy planning, ensuring a high level of customization for each selected technique and anatomical district.


Ideal dose in RT

From a growing need to define and identify the optimal constraints for the organs at risk in radiotherapy plans, Tecnologie Avanzate has developed a method for generating the ideal dose that allows highly personalized treatment plans and a control over all phases of radiotherapy treatment.

dose ideale rt

Tools for evaluating RT plans

Thanks to the iTA Plan project we have created modules dedicated to radiotherapy for the evaluation of the radiotherapy dose distribution and the analysis of the treatment quality trend.


Synthetic CT

In order to improve the daily control of the treatment plan, Tecnologie Avanzate has developed an algorithm based on Deep Learning algorithms capable of synthesizing CT-like images starting from the CBCT treatment of the day.




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