Tools for evaluating RT plans

The idea of the iTA Plan (Innovative Tools for Advanced analysis of radiotherapy treatment PLANs) project was born from the collaboration with the researchers of the IRCCS of Candiolo with the aim of determining a metric that would allow to quickly and automatically compare and evaluate different distributions of dose. The preliminary results of the collaboration were presented at the “3rd ESTRO Forum 2015” (PO-0882).

Subsequently, thanks also to the co-financing of the POR FESR 2014-2020 of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, we studied and developed innovative algorithms for the evaluation and comparison of radiotherapy treatment plans.
Since the evaluation of treatment plans is done through the analysis of dose distributions and Dose-Volume histograms (DVH), we have developed an accurate method of calculating DVH, which has been tested with over 800 DVH exported from the most widespread Treatment Planning Systems.
We subsequently developed a mechanism for scoring the treatment plan. Taking as a reference the plan evaluation method described in literature [BE Nelms et al., Practical Radiation Oncology (2012) 2, 296-305], we have developed a new method which, starting from a list of objectives and constraints, extends the evaluation domain of each (point) metric to the entire dose/volume space. The evaluation index thus obtained allows to obtain the necessary disambiguation between similar but not identical DVHs and to describe even small differences between plans satisfying at the same time each discrete constraint.

Both the DVH calculation algorithm and the evaluation method are implemented within the iTA Data software produced and distributed by Tecnologie Avanzate.

The integration of iTA Plan with the generation of the ideal dose and synthetic CT scan allows for trend analysis of treatment quality as a result of the patient’s daily changes.
The product will also be made available on the web-based platform developed by Tecnologie Avanzate.




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