iTA Data – Application for RT, NM and Radiology

With the contribution of a POR FESR 2007-2013 project of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, we have developed iTA Data, a software for the Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology departments, which allows you to:

  • simply automate the flow of data both between departments of the same center and between different centers;
  • manage, archive, send (also by anonymizing data), backup&restore of images and DICOM RT objects;
  • encapsulate any file format in a DICOM object, to be associated with a patient or study;
  • view multimodal images in 2D and MPR;
  • view all DICOM RT objects, such as: structures, dose distributions, plans, RT Image;
  • generate and edit RT Structs;
  • calculate, view and export DVH;
  • print reports with images, measurements, annotations, comments, DVH, and patient and treatment plan information.

In addition to manual segmentation tools, iTA Data provides algorithms – products from TA research – for automatic and semi-automatic segmentation that act both in single mode and in multi-modality. In particular, algorithms for the 3D segmentation of PET images and CT-US co-registered images have been implemented.
iTA Data is equipped with innovative tools and algorithms for the advanced analysis of radiotherapy treatment plans, with the ultimate goal of allowing an automated use of the offline adaptive process to monitor the trend, also from a dosimetric point of view, of the anatomical changes during the treatment.

For this purpose, the software allows:

  • comparing and evaluating treatment plans. In particular, it is possible to compare the dose distributions and DVH of competing plans and to calculate metrics both for assessing the quality of the treatment plan and for its comparison with respect to a reference plan or an ideal plan;
  • the generation of an ideal patient and specific district dose distribution (link to the algorithm);
  • the generation of synthetic CT starting from CBCT images produced with Elekta® and Varian® machines (link to the algorithm). These algorithms arise from the collaboration between Tecnologie Avanzate, the Politecnico of Turin, Aequip Srl, and various Italian hospitals;
  • the rigid and deformable registration of both single-modal and multi-modal 3D images.

Furthermore, iTA Data is provided with a web-based viewer (link to iTA Web) in order to ensure the use of images and data from every PC in the hospital network without licensing constraints.
iTA Data is not a medical device.

ita data



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